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These resources on Incontinence were developed by Dr. John Puxty, Deanna Abbott-McNeil and Susanne Murphy in collaboration with the Regional Geriatrics Program team in Kingston Ontario.

PDF icon 1 UI Toolkit Title Page.pdf74.36 KB
PDF icon 3 UI How to Use this Tool Kit.pdf65.61 KB
PDF icon 4 An Introduction to UI in Primary Care.pdf68.17 KB
PDF icon 5 Cdn Continence Fdn Initial UI Mgmt algorithm women men and frail elderly.pdf117.63 KB
PDF icon 6 Cdn Continence Fdn Secondary UI Mgmt algorithm Frail.pdf96.12 KB
PDF icon 7 Patient Pre-Assessment UI Form.pdf94.58 KB
PDF icon 7b Patient Pre-Assessment Form - UI Impact Questionnaire.pdf60.1 KB
PDF icon 7c Patient Pre-Assessment Form - Bladder Diary.pdf106.3 KB
PDF icon 7d International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire.pdf71.39 KB
PDF icon 8 Clinician Form UI Evaluation.pdf77.64 KB
PDF icon 9 Handout UI and its Treatment.pdf66.69 KB
PDF icon 9b Handout Daily Habits and UI.pdf71.67 KB
PDF icon 9c Handout Bladder Retraining for UI.pdf65.27 KB
PDF icon 9d Handout Pelvic Muscle Exercises Kegels.pdf67.16 KB
PDF icon 9e Handout Urge UI Diagnosis and Treatment.pdf63.29 KB
PDF icon 9f Handout Drug Treatment for Urge UI.pdf64.28 KB
PDF icon 9g Handout Urodynamics.pdf61.29 KB
PDF icon 9h Handout Biofeedback for UI.pdf59.24 KB
PDF icon 9i Handout Simple Cystometrics.pdf59.19 KB
PDF icon 9j Handout Surgical Treatment for UI in Women.pdf61.9 KB
PDF icon 9k Handout Radical Prostatectomy.pdf66.12 KB
PDF icon 9l Handout CPA IsYourBladderRunningYourLife.pdf54.97 KB
PDF icon 10 Quick Ref SOGC Recommendations for UI.pdf300.09 KB
PDF icon 10b Quick Reference Contributors to Transient Incontinence.pdf58.66 KB
PDF icon 10c Quick Ref CCF Incontinence professionals Ontario.pdf63.38 KB
PDF icon 10d Quick Ref CCF OAB Formulary Drug Approvals.pdf1 MB
PDF icon 11 Other References UI.pdf65.5 KB
PDF icon 12 Teaching Slides on Urinary Incontinence.pdf706.88 KB
Microsoft Office document icon 13 L’incontinence urinaire et son traitement.doc159 KB
Microsoft Office document icon 14 L'incontinence par impériosité diagnostic et traitement.doc0 bytes
Microsoft Office document icon 15 L’urodynamie.doc145 KB
Microsoft Office document icon 16 La prostatectomie radicale.doc156.5 KB
Microsoft Office document icon 17 Les habitudes quotidiennes et l’incontinence urinaire.doc166 KB
Microsoft Office document icon 18 La rééducation de la vessie pour traiter l’incontinence urinaire.doc0 bytes
Microsoft Office document icon 19 Exercices des muscles du plancher pelvien (Kegel).doc153.5 KB
Microsoft Office document icon 20 Le traitement chirurgical de l’incontinence urinaire chez les femmes.doc147 KB
Microsoft Office document icon 21 Gérer la constipation.doc0 bytes
Microsoft Office document icon 22 Professionnels de l’incontinence urinaire 1.doc164.5 KB
Microsoft Office document icon 23 Professionnels de l’incontinence urinaire 2.doc149.5 KB
Microsoft Office document icon 24 Professionnels de l’incontinence urinaire 3.doc147.5 KB