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PDF icon 1 References Sleep in Older Adults151.97 KB
PDF icon 2 Recommendations Sleep Older Adults BLOOM 2009319.94 KB
PDF icon 3a Normal Sleep in Older Adults.pdf174.82 KB
PDF icon 3b Normal Sleep in Older Adults POCKET CARDS87.75 KB
PDF icon 3c PSW Pocket Docket-Sleep Hygiene429.92 KB
PDF icon 4 Sleep Assessment Algorithm for Older Adults193.4 KB
PDF icon 5a Sleep Assessment Tool Part 1170.13 KB
PDF icon 5b Sleep Assessment Tool Part 2168.59 KB
PDF icon 6a Epworth Sleepiness Scale45.61 KB
PDF icon 6b Epworth Sleepiness Scale About It57.92 KB
PDF icon 6c Stanford Sleepiness Scale54.38 KB
PDF icon 6d Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Hartford151.37 KB
PDF icon 7a Sleep Diary 2Week National Sleep Foundation177.07 KB
PDF icon 7b Sleepiness Diary National Sleep Foundation123.28 KB
PDF icon 7c Sleep Diary Canadian Sleep Society98.66 KB
PDF icon 7d Sleep Diary Restless Legs Syndrome RLS Foundation182.43 KB
PDF icon 8 Sleep Risk Factors in Older Adults168.42 KB
PDF icon 9 BP Blogger-Sleep Care Mar-May 2009 Newsletter326.08 KB
PDF icon 10 Sleep Clinics in Ontario184.47 KB
PDF icon 11a Aging & Sleep Brochure Canadian Sleep Society55.01 KB
PDF icon 11c Sleep Problems info booklet NHS204.37 KB
PDF icon 11d le sommeil et le vieillissement43.25 KB
PDF icon 12a Sleep Changes in Dementia175.76 KB
PDF icon 16a Depression & Sleep Brochure Canadian Sleep Society37.04 KB
PDF icon 16c Depression & Restless Legs Syndrome RLS Foundation257.42 KB
PDF icon 16d sommeil et depression49.98 KB
PDF icon 17a Driving Drowsiness Brochure Canadian Sleep Society53.81 KB
PDF icon 17b Driving Drowsiness webinfo National Sleep Foundation623.99 KB
PDF icon 17c somnolence_volant70.37 KB
PDF icon 19a Normal Sleep & Sleep Hygiene Brochure Canadian Sleep Society109.67 KB
PDF icon 19c sommeil normal115.56 KB
PDF icon 20a Insomnia Brochure Canadian Sleep Society46.86 KB
PDF icon 20b Insomnia webinfo National Sleep Foundation150.92 KB
PDF icon 21 Napping web info National Sleep Foundation120.23 KB
PDF icon 22a Sleep Apnea Brochure Canadian Sleep Society44.76 KB
PDF icon 24c Living with Restless Legs Syndrome Booklet RLS Foundation214.22 KB
PDF icon 24d Restless Legs Syndrome Fact Sheet RLS Foundation2.77 MB
PDF icon 24e Sleep Diary Restless Legs Syndrome RLS Foundation182.43 KB
PDF icon 25 Sleep Study Questions Brochure Canadian Sleep Society46.66 KB

Resources are now available on sleep and older adults. They were developed and/or compiled by Mary-Lou van der Horst and the RGP team in Hamilton